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Home Depot Hearth Pad

Lavarca Drunk and "The reader can." Thursday, May 12, 21h. Exhibition

Meeting of the collective
Lavarca drunk on "The reader may, if possible, of course. Thursday, May 12, 21h in the library café La Marabunta.

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How To Clean Mildew Off Leather Boat Seats

Three-leaf clover ..... Margarita

Well, tired of the classic still photos, I am excited to try to capture a dynamic picture of the wind generator in the Andevalo Huelva, the picture has some noise, but the visual effect I liked ....
Canon EOS 450D - Canon EF 17-40 / F4 L USM (1 "3 seconds, F 22, ISO 100, tripod, cable release, Gradient Filter 3 apertures neutral)

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How To Play Pirates Of Caribbeanon Sax

Booths in Villanueva de Azoague.

placing bouquets at the gates of a house. ----------------------------------------------

------------------------------ --------------

------------------------ ----------------------------------

-------------------------------------------- -----------------

--------------------- ----------------------------------------

Ramos at the door of a house and to fund the town church where you place the primwero and largest branch, dedicated to the Virgin. ----------------------------------------------

The booths, accompanied by rounds, constitute one of the festive celebrations in many towns of Castile and Leon, some also coming to Benavente. Often in place or held, depending on location, on Palm Sunday, for Easter and during the month of May, especially on the first day, coinciding with the custom of placing the tree in May, and sing and dance around. Consists of placing branches of trees of various species to the doors or windows of the houses they inhabit unmarried girls and, preferably, overnight and while sleeping.
The branch could be a sign of love and warning to everyone that this girl already had her servant, "Who has cut the branch of the mall?. I have cut him a groom of the Bank," says a verse.
In some villages also put branches to the Virgin as Queen of May, at the door of the church and sometimes on the roof or on the same tower.
tradition is curious about the different tree species used, as each had and has a special symbolism, that people retain and remember in the form of couplets, some more positive than others, but all are supported by custom. "Alamo, I love you. /
Espino or pine, I believe you.
Peral, I love you more. /
Poplar, I love you little." etc.
for the class or kind of industry used the concept could tell that the boys had each of the girls. Hence, branches and hiciesen verifications also matched more critical or more brazen for the protagonists. But no one seemed wrong, for tradition is king:
"Palmera, look who you want or you want your grandmother.
Negrillo, is the cow after the calf.
Jara, lazy, etc..
With booths in many towns were inevitable evening round. The young men roamed the streets of the town singing songs full of expression and feeling.
in Villanueva de Azoague, for many years, made the booths in the month of May, specifically to coincide with the feast of St. Gregory Nazianzen in celebrating holidays. And who stroll through the village you will see branches by the doors and windows of many houses.
"This tradition is very old, he says Gonzalo, its mayor. They did my parents and grandparents and it also when I go into fifth. Because before it was a celebration more than a fifth. Now I put all young people want, from of the 15 or 16 years. Like most fifths is no longer a way to continue the tradition. And I put all the women are single, any age, whether or not committed. "
The tree used in Villanueva is poplar, as well as being abundant in the area, it becomes the more symbolic. Is also one of poplar, but very few other species. Gonzalo
warns me that the first and largest branch was dedicated to the Virgin and placed in front of the church have even prepared a hole to get him. Until a few years I put on the window or door and filled the whole leaves and sticks, and decided to do it this other way. Therein lies the verdiblano poplar branch, dedicated to Our Lady.
The Local Authority is working with the boys by giving them a subsidy for expenses incurred, and in order that the tradition does not disappear, for this, and everything else, helps to give life to the people.
The branches of Villanueva de Azoague not accompanied by rounds and chants, as in other places, but Gonzalo tells me that once placing colored blue or white on the classes that were written phrases or sayings, related more or less with the protagonists, the young men and unmarried girls. He says it was common to see people come to class to read what was written on the tapes. In the tape placed in the branch of the Virgin Mary always wrote that the "Tota pulchra originalis fault is Maria et non est in te" (All beautiful you are Mary and no original sin in you.)
the moment I have no evidence that any other people of this district is held or made booths. Enough time we Villanueva, where, thanks to the mayor and others, some traditions remain worthy of respect, along with other modern entertainment or sporting events of note. ----------------------------------------------
published this report in the weekly La Voz de Benavente and Region on May 13, 2006.

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Month of May: Proverbs of saints.

San Isidro. Villafáfila Church.


San Isidro. Image in the church of Arcos de la Polvorosa. -------------------------------------------

Image Maire Church of Castroponce. ---------------------------------------------

San Isidro de Valverde.


Pobladura image of the saint in the Valley. --------------------------------------------


Saint Rita in Santa Maria del Azogue de Benavente. ------------------------------------------

Santa Rita Image. Rebellin Church Field. ---------------------------------------------

Rita. Church of Santa Colomba de las Monjas. --------------------------------------

San Fernado. Central altarpiece of the church of St Mary's Quicksilver. Benavente. -------------------------------------------

San Fernado. Image displayed in the church of St Mary's Quicksilver. Benavente. ---------------------------------------------

San Fernando
image in the church of SITRAME Tera.

----------------------------------------------- ------

is the most important month of spring, the month of flowers, not all, but of the best known and appreciated, including roses that stand out for its variety of forms and especially color.
If April showers are plentiful and the land has the necessary and appropriate payment in May, in addition to the crops, weeds sprout all sorts of wild mountains, hills, bordering on the banks of rivers, creeks and streams, on the sidewalks and shoulders of these roads. This month
looming and good or bad harvests. Trees, once fallen leaf begin to show off, to be harvested in the fall, if they are given the necessary attention and does not come any adverse weather event.
no shortage during the month a few days of rain and storms and even cold, if excessive impact on the future harvest of some fruits.
In regard to the saints, the Virgin Mary acquires prominence because, besides the month of flowers, is also considered the month of Mary, which he sings and flowers are offered in many locations along day. Also celebrated the Holy Cross (3) and the Ascension of the Lord (4), which have several sayings together with San Isidro (15), Santa Rita (22) and San Fernando (30).
also find sayings that appear in St. Philip and St. James the Less (1), Santo Domingo de la Calzada (12), San Bernardino (20), St. Quiteria (22), St. Urban (25) and St. Germain (28) . -------------------------------------------------
May are the flowers, the Virgin Mary and all my love always
Virgin appears to the shepherds and the farmers ever. San

----------------------------------------------- Philip and James, know the ladies who entered in May. -------------------------------------------------

For the Cruz de Mayo, in girls swoon.
For Santa Cruz, vineyard Reluz (shines). Cross
For, you see the wolf light. ----------------------------------------------

After Ascension, or salmon, or sermon.
Ascension Day almond fruit set and pinion.
In raining Ascension Day, forty days are safe.
to the Ascension Day, do not hold your coat or your cap. Ascension
to not take off the robe, and after removable.
For Ascension, Cerec a lot, in Catalonia and in Valencia, not in Aragon.
On the Ascension, melon seed.
On the Ascension, or sheepskin, or sermon.
week of the Ascension, a day meat and other no.
If it rains the day of the Ascension, forty days of rain are.
If it rains for the Ascension, the acorn is lost, quince and gamión.
Three Thursdays in the year than the sun shine: Holy Thursday, Corpus Christi and Ascension Day. -------------------------------------------------
in Santo Domingo de la Calzada sang after roast chicken.
In Santo Domingo, bad bread and worse wine.
Santo Domingo de la Calzada, bread, wine and grilled meat.
Santo Domingo, bad bread and worse wine. -------------------------------------------------
For San Isidro, parents equal children (the stalks of wheat)
For San Isidro Labrador, the cold will come the sun.
San Isidro Labrador, remove the water and bring the sun. San Isidro Labrador
raises his leg and pisses on coughing. Uneven
If planted by St. Isidore is matched. -------------------------------------------------

--- Water by St. Bernardino da bread and wine remove; Santa Rita water, everything removed.
Frost San Bernardino, does not remove bread and wine.
By asking leading to San Bernardino. Snuff
, bulls, cards and wine, leading to San Bernardino man. -------------------------------------------------
If frozen in santa Quiteria, bad year wait. -----------------------------------------------

Water by Saint Rita, everything removed.
After fucking whore, Santa Rita habit.
water John (June 24) does not give away wine and bread, the Santa Rita all removed.
Santa Rita Frost, everything removed.
For Santa Rita da water rather than removed.
Santa Rita, Rita, what is given is not removed. Water

----------------------------------------------- by St. Urban, wine and does not remove bread.
to St. Urban, is not free of ice the gardener. San Urbán
, wine and does not remove bread santa Rita, remove everything, and it is holy Urbaneja others leave. -------------------------------------------------
Until you pass St. Germain, Do not say you have wine or bread. -------------------------------------------------
Who has
------ San Fernando car, some times on foot and walk.
San Fernando Sevilla won, but won his trail. San Hernando
May, strike the boy in spite of the master.